"Nazziola is doing astonishing compositional work...

His talent is rare. His contribution indispensable."

- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"In its depictions of the glories of the seasons, as well as its transience,

Nazziola's 'Another Spring' is a work of delicate transparency...

chromatically complex, but haunting and evocative."

- William Randall Beard, Special to the Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

"From Here to There...a piece for percussion that is musically interesting and

intelligently written...and yet totally accessible for the audience."

- Morris Lang, Former percussionist New York Philharmonic

Excellent and well orchestrated…..certainly a most impressive score."

- Samuel Adler (regarding Night Unfolding)

Tom Nazziola

Distant places:
BatikA collection of works that reflect both outward curiosity and internal exploration. Nazziola also explores his own memories and experiences, especially in the Rochester Suite — where he spent formative college years. Whether far away in years or location, the distant places referenced here shaped the composer’s unique perspective and compositional voice.

  • New release “Distant Places" is now available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify:

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  • From Here To There:
    Batik"From Here To There" is a collection of orchestral and choral pieces featuring a selection of Tom Nazziola's most compelling recordings. This debut work dances through Nazziola’s eclectic past, showcasing years spent in the worlds of classical, jazz, and ethnic music. He pulls from a wide palette of orchestral flavors—including a solo piano, woodwind trio, jazz ensemble, and vocal choir—to take you on a romantic, suspenseful, and adventurous journey that will only leave you begging for more.

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  • Debut CD "From Here to There" is now available on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify:

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  • Batik:
    BatikBatik is an exciting, new chamber ensemble founded by Barry Hartglass and Tom Nazziola in 2008. The quintet, based in New York City, can be described as an amalgam of jazz, classical, funk and ethnic music (particularly Middle Eastern and Indian) with an emphasis on group composition. Nazziola explores his role as both percussionist and composer in Batik’s magical debut album, “Vudu”. Ensemble members include: John Roggie, Dave Anthony, Tim Ouimette, Barry Hartglass and Tom Nazziola.

    "Batik amazes us with a brilliant ability to mix genres and cultures, using the past to inform the present. This new and exciting band plays music encompassing many different styles, grooves and timbres in a new way-- but as if they were already established! The band is relaxed, confident and forward looking. GREAT!!!"
    - Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Vince Guaraldi, Christian McBride)

    "Batik is electric Miles Davis meets Weather Report, a synergistic blend of soul and feel good music!......5 Stars!"
    - Marshall McDonald (The Count Basie Orchestra, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Lionel Hampton)

    “Vudu is fantastic. There is such creativity and depth of musicianship throughout this entire CD. The tunes are beautiful, the solos are outstanding, and the recording and mixing seem to have been done with great sensitivity. Well done!”
    - Adam Glaser
    , The Juilliard School.

    To learn more about Batik and to purchase CDs visit: www.batikjazz.com

    Disney’s Baby Einstein:
    Baby EinsteinTom Nazziola has been a driving force behind Disney’s Baby Einstein series since 1999 with over 35 DVD/CD credits to his name. His keyboard performances have been heard by millions of families on award-winning titles such as Baby Beethoven, Baby Vivaldi, and Baby Galileo among others. Baby Einstein’s products are best known for introducing young children to the world of classical music.

    Awards for Baby Einstein products which feature Tom Nazziola as performer include:
    Amby Award: Baby Einstein DVDs were chosen by American Baby readers as a product they can’t live with out for six consecutive years (2003-2008)

    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio:

    1. Baby Vivaldi and Baby Beethoven music CD received Gold Seal Award (2002)    
    2. Lullaby Classics music CD received “Gold Award” (2005)

    Dr. Toy Best Products Winner:

    1. Baby Galileo™ World Around Me Sky book chosen as “100 Best Children’s Products” (2004)
    2. Baby Beethoven™ Symphony of Fun video/DVD chosen as “100 Best Children’s Products”

    National Parenting Center “Seal of Approval Award”

    1. Lullaby Classics CD

    Parents Choice Award:

    1. Baby Neptune Discovering Water video/DVD chosen (2003)
    2. Baby Vivaldi music CD chosen (2002)

    To learn more about Disney’s Baby Einstein and to purchase CDs visit: www.babyeinstein.com

    Music My Pet:
    Music My PetProduced, performed and orchestrated by Tom Nazziola
    Music My Pet, created by Tom Nazziola, is a ground-breaking concept of newly-performed classical music specifically designed to calm pets! After close to three years of research and testing, Nazziola released Music My Pet’s first CD “Classic Cuts”, featuring a palette of some of the best classical composers in music history (Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann and others). Studies have shown that pets respond favorably to classical music under stress-inducing situations and often slip into a very serene and peaceful state of mind after only a few minutes of listening. Tom has researched animal behavior and re-orchestrated popular classical music using the sounds, chords and harmonies that soothe common household pets. Classic Cuts has been sold in Petco stores as well as Borders. It is currently carried in select Walmart stores and several pet boutiques throughout the world.

    "I rescue and foster cats from my area and have found that the CD helps enormously to relax these rescues and help get them ready for adoption, - they love it and I love it!"
    - Emily, adoptions counselor Kittykind, New York (www.kittykind.org)

    “A mutual friend of ours just gave me your CD Music My Pet for my dog Isabella. I love it - it’s really beautiful and soothing (for both of us!) I will be buying copies for all of Isabella's doggie friends this Christmas :-) Great work!”
    - Andrea Milo ( Name of dog: Isabella ; Breed: Yorkshire Terrier; Age: 3-years old)

    "The CD is a wonderful work of art. Not only do my dogs love it, but so do I. It is very relaxing.”
    - Betty P.
    (London, OH)

    To purchase Music My Pet products visit: : Amazon

    Baby Culture :
    Baby CultureA product of baby Culture, baby Britannia is a CD of musical classics that capture the spirit of British culture for children. Produced by Tom Nazziola, the CD features original performances of music, songs and poetry with a broad range of musical styles spanning several years of British history – from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque music to Early Classical, West Indian Calypso, Rock ‘n Roll and traditional folk songs. Through using distinctive sounds from British culture (bagpipes, penny-whistle, Celtic harp, etc.), which have been orchestrated by Tom Nazziola, baby Britannia seeks to enrich the lives of families from the United Kingdom whose aim may be to preserve a child’s heritage, share childhood memories of parents or simply explore the rich, beautiful sounds of England's cultural traditions.

    To purchase the baby Britannia CD click here


    As Composer and Performer

    Acid Jazz (Apple Trax)
    Batik - Vudu (Mayanoah Music, Inc.)
    Distant Places - (Goju records – independent label)
    Downtown News Beat (Independent release)
    Equinox – Tom Nazziola (Goju Records – independent label)
    Florio / Nazziola Music - Volume I (Independent release)
    "From Here to There" – Tom Nazziola (Goju Records – independent label)
    Holiday Time / Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Immovable Do / Single release (Goju records – independent label)
    Indie Film Rock / Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Live Trax - 80’s Music / Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Live Trax - British Rock / Manhattan Production Music (Apple Trax)
    Live Trax - Fun Modern Pop / Manhattan Production Music (Apple Trax)
    Live Trax - Party Pop Rock / Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Modern Guitar / Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Spooky Fun - Manhattan Productions Music (Apple Trax)
    Theme and Variations - Anthologos Vol. 1 (Treehouse Productions)*
    WASBE 2007 Killarney Ireland - Royal Irish Academy of Music Percussion Ensemble (Mark Records)*

    *Composer only


    As Performer

    Alicia DiGiovanni – Songbird of Spirit (Independent release)*
    Annie Karto - Perfect Sacrifice (Windswept Records)
    Baby Culture - Baby Britannia (Baby Culture)*
    Baby Einstein - Art Time Classics (Buena Vista Records)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Bach (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Beethoven (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Galileo (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Mozart (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Noah (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Newton (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby On the Go (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Baby Santa (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Lullaby Classics (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Lullaby Classics Volume II (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Meet the Orchestra (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Music Box Orchestra (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Naptime Melodies (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Playtime Music Box (Disney)
    Baby Einstein - Traveling Melodies (Disney)
    Carla Lother - 100 Lovers (Chesky Records)
    Connecticut Valley Youth Wind Ensemble (Mark Records)
    David Chesky - Area 31 (Chesky Records)
    Dan Krimm - Subtle Truth (Another Pass Productions)
    Eastman Jazz Ensemble - Spiral Galaxy (Mark Records)
    Eastman Jazz Ensemble - Hot House (Mark Records)
    Eastman Wind Ensemble w/ Wynton Marsalis - Carnaval (CBS Masterworks)
    Joe Pickett - Father Time (Elijah Records)
    Keren Tzobotaro - Debut CD (Independent release) *
    Multi-Genre Holiday Vocals / Manhattan Productions Music (Live Trax)
    Music My Pet - Classic Cuts (Independent release)*
    Music My Pet - Holiday Treats (Independent release)*
    Music My Pet – Mellow Melodies (Independent release)*
    Monica Harte / Brian Willson - Songs from Another Place (MSR Classics)
    Sweet Dreams by Music My Baby (Creative Sounds and Design, Inc.)

    *Produced and orchestrated by Tom Nazziola


    As Performer on the following Baby Einstein DVDs (Disney):
    Baby Bach
    Baby Beethoven
    Baby Dolittle World Animals
    Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals
    Baby Galileo
    Baby’s Favorite Places
    Baby MacDonald
    Baby Mozart
    Baby Monet
    Baby Noah
    Baby Neptune
    Baby Newton
    Baby On The Go
    Baby Santa
    Baby Shakespeare
    Baby Van Gogh
    Discovering Shapes
    My First Signs
    Numbers Nursery