"Nazziola is doing astonishing compositional work...

His talent is rare. His contribution indispensable."

- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"In its depictions of the glories of the seasons, as well as its transience,

Nazziola's 'Another Spring' is a work of delicate transparency...

chromatically complex, but haunting and evocative."

- William Randall Beard, Special to the Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

"From Here to There...a piece for percussion that is musically interesting and

intelligently written...and yet totally accessible for the audience."

- Morris Lang, Former percussionist New York Philharmonic

"Excellent and well orchestrated…..certainly a most impressive score."

- Samuel Adler (regarding Night Unfolding)

Tom Nazziola
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Title: Title Goes Here

Description: Description Goes Here

Title: WFSB News - Opening Theme (WFSB / CBS News affiliate)

Description: Opening theme for the 5PM news broadcast of WFSB News (Hartford, CT). The opening is part of an extensive 84-element news music package created for WFSB.

Title: Spiral Tales (NBA Access w/ Ahmad Rashad)

Description: Featured in several episodes of NBA Access w/ Ahmad Rashad. Music composed by Tom Nazziola. Produced by Tom Nazziola and Jack Morer.

Title: Rising Up (Dog the Bounty Hunter / A & E)

Description: Featured track on an episode of A & E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter. Music composed by Tom Nazziola and Jack Morer.

Title: Outback (Dateline NBC)

Description: Used as underscoring for stories covering expeditions, safaris, wild animals, etc. Music composed by Tom Nazziola and John Florio.

Title: Nightbeat 30 sec. Promo (WFSB / CBS News affiliate)

Description: Fast-paced underscoring for news stories / promos for WFSB.

Title: Acid Tales (Freddie / ABC)

Description: Theme song for several episodes of ABC’s “Freddie”. Music composed by Tom Nazziola and Jack Morer.

Title: Atlantic City Serenade Excerpts (film: Atlantic City Serenade)

Description: Musical excerpts consisting of intro credits, main theme and boardwalk chat. Produced by Canis Minor films, this film depicts the hard times and intricate relationships of characters who find themselves lost in downtrodden Atlantic City.

Title: Beach Party (Dress My Nest /Style Network)

Description: Featured in several episodes of Style Network’s “Dress My Nest”. Music composed by Tom Nazziola and Jack Morer.

Title: Heroes and Legends (ESPN)

Description: Used for promos as part of both ESPN International and domestic programming.

Title: Trippin' Breath (The Total New - Austrailian news program)