The BQE Project
The Blue Angel (1930)
"The BQE Project's innovative mix of original musical themes and enhanced live accompaniment fills the theater with an energy and a spirit that makes classic cinema come to life in whole new ways."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer, Steven Rea
The Blue Angel (1930)
Music composed by Tom Nazziola and John Florio

The BQE Project, an eight-piece film music ensemble led by Tom Nazziola, is performing a new music score in tandem with the classic film, The Blue Angel—offering additional live musical accompaniment to support the film's dialogue and cabaret scenes. The new score, which premiered in 2001 at New York's popular Celebrate Brooklyn! festival, blends the legendary film techniques of Josef Von Sternberg with the spontaneity of live musical theater. The result is a fresh look at an established classic; Marlene Dietrich is literally accompanied by a live orchestra as she croons the film's memorable hit "Falling in Love Again." The film, directed by Josef Von Sternberg, is best known for catapulting Marlene Dietrich into Hollywood stardom—and for being one of the first films to usher in the era of "talkies."

Available Formats: 35mm, 16mm, DVD
Film Length: 113 minutes
Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Cello, Upright bass, Flute/Clarinet, Alto sax/Clarinet, Percussion, Acoustic Piano
Ensemble Fee /
Print Licensing:
Available upon request
Promotional Stills: Available upon request
Technical Requirements: (See below)
Sound System microphones for all instruments (specifics are provided in tech rider)
Wooden Stool
(with cushion)
for bass player
Chairs 5 padded chairs for players
Stands 10 black music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays)
Lights 9 clip-on lights for music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays) plus gells for each light (to be used as needed).
Monitors (audio) 6 in total
Bass amp A bass amp will be needed
Concert grand
acoustic piano
(6 ft. 11inches or larger preferred) with adjustable piano bench (piano to be tuned the day of the performance – before load-in / soundcheck)
Mackie mixer (in addition to main mixing board)
Video monitor (optional) If the movie screen is not at eye level with conductor, a suitable video monitor may be needed.
small table