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Ensemble Photo Gallery
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Venue Photo Gallery

1998 Celebrate Brooklyn - BQE Live
Dave Anthony on Drums
Doug Oberhamer on Piano
Greg Chudzik

Gregg August
BQE Group Photo in Guatemala
BQE Group Photo
Paul Livant on Guitar
Mike Block and Rachel Golub

Tom Adressing the Audience
BQE performing to the Golem
BQE Group Photo
Violin on Lap
BQE Group Sketch in Guatemala
1999 World Financial Center - BQE Live

Peter Travers and Tom Nazziola Hosting a Q & A
Philipsburgh Performing Arts Center - BQE Rehearsing
BQE at Soundcheck
Dave Eggar, Jeff Carney, Paul Livant and Todd Reynolds
Gina Cuffari, Dan Willis, and Conrad Harris

Photos of Tom Nazziola and many great musicians over the years. Past and current performers include: Gregg August, Todd Reynolds, John Florio, Dan Willis, Dave Eggar, Conrad Harris, Larry Spivack, Paul Livant, Tom Chiu, Jeff Carney, Naomi Katz, Liuh-Wen Ting, Gina Cuffari, Dave Anthony, Doug Oberhamer, Eric Huebner, Bill Hayes, Jack Morer, Anik Ouilianine, Greg Chudzik, Paul Woodiel, Dan Shelley, Victoria Paterson, Rachel Golub, Antoine Silverman, Laura Koepke, Joyce Hammann, Steve Beck, Mike Block, David Bakamjian, John Benthal and many others.