The BQE Project
Frankenstein (1931) – “Monster in the House”

Frankenstein (1931)
"The BQE Project's accompaniment to Frankenstein was a superb finale to the Williamstown Film Festival season."
- Steve Lawson (Executive Director, Williamstown Film Festival)
Frankenstein (1931)

Once again, the BQE Project returns to the silver screen with a brand new score to a timeless 1931 classic - James Whale's "Frankenstein" featuring Boris Karloff. The "monster," created by Dr. Frankenstein, comes to life with haunting and powerful music composed by BQE's musical director, Tom Nazziola. As in past productions, the new score will use a variety of instrumental colorings to enhance the black and white original print. Images will jump from the screen as they move to the dramatic and forceful sound of the BQE Project. A sinister, yet fun experience in the marriage of live music and vintage celluloid.

Available Formats: DVD, 16mm
Film Length: 71 minutes
Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, Upright bass, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Piano
Ensemble Fee /
Print Licensing:
Available upon request
Promotional Stills: Available upon request
Technical Requirements: (See below)
Sound System microphones for all instruments (specifics are provided in tech rider)
Wooden Stool
with cushion for bass player
Chairs 3 padded chairs for players
Stands 9 black music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays)
Lights 9 clip-on lights for music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays) plus gells for each light (to be used as needed).
Monitors (audio) 5 in total
Bass amp A bass amp will be needed
Concert grand
acoustic piano
(6 ft. 11inches or larger preferred) with adjustable piano bench (piano to be tuned the day of the performance – before load-in / soundcheck)
Mackie mixer (in addition to main mixing board)
Video monitor (optional) If the movie screen is not at eye level with conductor, a suitable video monitor may be needed.
small table