The BQE Project
Shadow Your Man

Fadeaway / Koko the Clown

Sherlock Jr. (1924)
KoKo the Clown (1929)
"The BQE Project was highly entertaining… a fascinating marriage of past and present, as well as sight and sound."
- Bard College, campus newspaper
Sherlock Jr. (1924)
w/ Fadeaway featuring KoKo the Clown (1929)

In the tradition of BQE’s earliest screenings, the ensemble returns to the genre of silent comedies with one of the greatest Buster Keaton films of all time, Sherlock Jr. In addition to the zany antics effortlessly executed by Keaton, this film includes stunning cinematography which is seamlessly scored by Tom Nazziola and performed by BQE. The film features a montage of contrasting scenery including city streets, a beach, the North Pole and a windy desert setting. A colorful, instrumental palette of violin, piano, bassoon, upright bass, flute/clarinet, and percussion help to transport audiences to far away places with music that matches magical shifts in scenery and enhances comedy at the highest level.

As a warm-up to Keaton, BQE performs its first “cartoon” score to the short, classic film “Fadeaway” featuring KoKo the Clown. Along with colorful instrumentation, Fadeaway introduces audiences to the art of animation from pencil sketches to fully animated characters. Together, Sherlock Jr. and Fadeaway explore the world of cinematography and animation with artfully crafted music composed by Tom Nazziola and performed by The BQE Project.

Available Formats: DVD, 35mm, (cartoon is available in 16mm as well as DVD)
Film Length: "Sherlock Jr" = 44 minutes,
"Fadeaway / Koko the Clown " = 8.5 minutes
Instrumentation: Violin, Upright bass, Percussion, Bassoon, Flute/Clarinet, Acoustic Piano
Ensemble Fee /
Print Licensing:
Available upon request
Promotional Stills: Available upon request
Technical Requirements: (See below)
Sound System microphones for all instruments (specifics are provided in tech rider)
Wooden Stool
(with cushion)
for bass player
Chairs 3 padded chairs for players
Stands 9 black music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays)
Lights 8 clip-on lights for music stands (standard type used in orchestras and Broadway plays) plus gells for each light (to be used as needed).
Monitors (audio) 5 in total
Bass amp A bass amp will be needed
Concert grand
acoustic piano
(6 ft. 11inches or larger preferred) with adjustable piano bench (piano to be tuned the day of the performance – before load-in / soundcheck)
Video monitor (optional) If the movie screen is not at eye level with conductor, a suitable video monitor may be needed.